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Rather baroque, pretty sophisticated, very Versace. VERSACE on LANDMARK is a logical follow-on from the NEW MEDUSA watch, a great hit from the 1990s and one of the first watch lines designed by Gianni Versace. Updated for the occasion, it now boasts purer lines while retaining the distinctive features of its forerunner : the Greca decorative pattern on the case-middle and bracelet, the Medusa's head on the dial and crown and, above all, the inimitable Versace style.
Available exclusively on a steel bracelet, the water-resistant polished steel case houses a Swiss-made quartz movement. There is a choice of two sizes and two dials, black or silvered. The screwed in caseback, cambered sapphire crystal and fold-over clasp are just some of the technical details guaranteeing optimum quality within a classy design.


Be that as it may, the VERSACE on CORNICHE has the power to embellish the women who choose it. Gliding gracefully around the wrist, it alternates between watch or bracelet by showing its clasp or case in turn. It can liven up a smart business suit, enhance an evening dress or simply caress a bare arm… It has the ability to feel both light and discreet on the wrist, while forcefully asserting the style of its sophisticated design.
Dials and clasps come in a choice of lilac, golden, sky-blue, ivory or jade colours. Their rounded shape softens the rectangular structure of the links decorated by a Greek frieze. They are crafted in all-steel, two-tone or entirely gold-plated variations. This model clearly expresses its taste for colourful variety, radiantly luxurious materials and delicate finishing touches. Nestling within her stone, Medusa would doubtless appreciate such devotion to beauty…






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