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The 2006 Sportura Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph.
The Challenges of Perfection

  • Specifications: Caliber: Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph. 9T82
  • Case: Hard coated stainless with screwed see-through case back
  • Glass: Dual surface curved sapphire crystal
  • Band: Stainless steel + carbon fiber with three-fold clasp with push release
  • Water resistance: 10 Bar
  • Retail price: The approximate recommended retail price in Europe is Euro 5,200

Caliber. 9T82 The SEIKO Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph 9T82 combines the reliability and high accuracy of Kinetic technology with the traditional attributes of the mechanical chronograph. One essential characteristic of the best chronographs is the reset responsiveness of the hands. To return each hand to its starting point instantaneously, this model features a heart cam snap-to-zero arrangement, which has always been an attractive feature of mechanical chronographs. To ensure the smooth movement of the hands and an instant date change, 38 rubies are used in the bearings. And a backlash mechanism ensures high-precision movement of the wheels and hands.

  • Duration of full charge: approximately 1 month ∑ 3 hands (hour/minute/second)
  • Chronograph 1/10 second hand/second hand/minute hand/hour hand
  • Chronograph measurement to 12 hours in 1/10 second increments
  • Date Calendar with Instant change function


SEIKO Sportura - Two new All-Star Chronographs

  • Specifications: Case: Stainless steel with screw case back
  • Glass: Sapphire crystal
  • Band: Solid stainless steel with three-fold clasp with push button releaseŇ@(SPC001/SNJ019) Patterned leather strap with specially designed solid stainless steel buckle (SPC003/SNJ021)
  • Water resistance: 10 Bar
  • Caliber Details: 1/100 second retrograde chronograph caliber, 7T82
  • 3 hands with calendar ∑ 1/100 second hand ∑ 1/10 second hand
  • 40-minute retrograde chronograph hand
  • Chronograph to 120 minutes in 1/100 second increments
  • Lap time and demonstration function on demand
  • Retail price: The approximate recommended retail price range in Europe is from Euro ∑ 550 to 595


  • 1/1000 second duo-display alarm chronograph caliber, H024
  • 2 hands ∑ Chronograph in digital format to 24 hours in 1/1000 second increments
  • 100 split/lap time memory
  • Count down timer for 24 hours
  • Fully automatic calendar, correct until 2055
  • 2 channel Daily alarm
  • Retail price: The approximate recommended retail price range in Europe is from Euro ∑ 525 to 575.
  • * LCD panel layout for SNJ019 / 021 is subject to change

SPORTURA: All - star Chronographs

SEIKO's mastery of timing technology is plain for all to see in the new Sportura collection.
Four unique calibers but one common focus: the precision timing of motor sports.
The collection includes the 2005 Limited Edition Sportura.
This Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph is hand-built within a black, ion-coated, steel case and bracelet, and is presented with a second attachment, a leather strap whose tough material and strong stitching evokes the steering wheel and gear stick of the very latest sports cars.



All-star Chronographs

The theme is speed as a new hot look accelerates the already cool impact of this flagship all-chronograph collection for lovers of sport and advanced technology. For the first time ever, Seiko launches an all-chronograph collection. 4 unique chronograph movements and one common focus - the precise timing of sport. These masterpieces of engineering brim with the passion and precision of the race circuit. First off the starting grid is a Kinetic Chronograph, setting the pace for the collection's contemporary European feel with a tonneau case, black-plated steel and Roman numerals. Hot in pursuit are three other chronographs, including a new limited edition four-dial Kinetic chronograph as well as alarm and dual display models. At the heart of the appeal of Sportura has always been its unique legibility, and the 2004 line-up continues the tradition. The jet-black dials with vivid orange highlights, specially coated non-reflective sapphire crystal and lumibrite markers make each Sportura watch easy to read, at speed, day and night. The punched black leather of Sportura's first straps adds to the speed appeal. Deft use of these striking colors interlocks with visual reminders of meters, gauges and leather steering wheels to move the collection up a gear and power it into a new realm of emotional appeal.

History ∑ Launched in 2000.
New models ∑ 7 references in 4 cases. ∑ 9T82 Kinetic Chronograph, 7L22 Kinetic Chronograph, Alarm Chronograph and World Timer Chronograph. ∑ Case: Stainless steel. ∑ Glass: Non-reflective sapphire crystal. ∑ Band: Solid stainless steel bracelet. Three-fold clasp with push button release. (Punched leather strap with original Sportura clasp for strap models.) ∑ Water resistance: 10 bar water resistant ∑
Price: The suggested retail price will be approximately Euro 3,000 for 9T82 Kinetic Chronograph, Euro 850 for 7L22 Kinetic Chronograph, Euro 500 for Alarm Chronograph and Euro 550 for World Timer Chronograph.
∑ Marketed volume of 9T82 Kinetic Chronograph model will be limited to 1,500 pieces




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