The realm of watchmaking encompasses brands and their partners, as well as the watchmaker- craftsmen who produce rare creations (or modify existing ones on request). These artisans work in a sphere virtually beyond time, and their craft is reserved for a few fortunate connoisseurs.

At present: Philippe Dufour

Other watchmaker-craftsmen :
Kurt Schaffo

Kari Voutilainen
Vianne Halter
Greubel Forsey

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Philippe Dufour Horlogerie Compliquée


As usual, Philippe Dufour has made everything himself from the first sketch to the final achievement.
The SIMPLICITY is a hand-winding mechanical watch with a small seconds hand at six. Inside its gold case, one immediately sees its beauty, its purity and its solidity. The original form of the mechanism and bridges, among other details, represents the master's signature.
One can see the family resemblance between the SIMPLICITY and its famous predecessors. It is of particular interest that the brand and number are engraved on the gold bars and are then adjusted and screwed on the movement. Finally, this beautiful movement is decorated with Geneva waves. Its solid and reliable conception will ensure its longevity.
And as the SIMPLICITY is handed down from generation to generation, Philippe Dufour's tradition of fine watchmaking will continue.
Thanks to its exceptional conception, the SIMPLICITY is affordable to a wide range of collectors. A limited series will be made for the great pleasure of watch lovers.





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