Vianney Halter

Vianney Halter, founder of the Manufacture Janvier SA, graduated from the watchmaking school of Paris in 1981. He explores the horological field in doing restorations of ancient clocks and watches during three years as an employee then as an independent craftsman for six years.
In 1990, he settles down in Sainte-Croix and proceeds towards the conception and production of unique timepieces and watches of haute horlogerie. He achieved creations for Breguet, Frank Muller, Audemars & Piguet, .
In 1994, Vianney Halter founds the Manufacture Janvier SA in Sainte-Croix in the jura vaudois. This manufacture enables him to carry out technical orders which bring him an industrial know-how. From the whole of his experiences, he decides to exploit his knowledge to realize exceptional watches.
Driven by the will to build matchless horological objects, Vianney Halter launches his own brand carrying his name "Vianney-Halter". In 1998, his timepieces are presented to the public at the International Watch, Clock and Jewellery Show in Basel. Since then, continuous progress is achieved in the Manufacture Janvier SA which shelters the brand "Vianney-Halter".

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